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We all know that a word can have two meanings.America is a type or replica of Israel.The Jews drove out the Palestinians and settled there.The Americans drove out the Red Indians and settled there.To prove my point further,America and Israel are like blood cousins no one sees the fault or the mistake of the other.America being a type of Israel also means that as much as we find Israel in the scriptures we must also find America in the scriptures.There are some US presidents that appear in scriptures.not in person but as a description of purpose or a sign to us of where we are in the scriptures.Abraham Lincoln was a sign that the father of nations Abraham covenant was now being effected.Ham means father of nations.Abraham Lincoln became a true father of nations and set the slaves free on the 1st day of January 1863.1st Thessalonians 4:16 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,with the voice of an arcangel,and with the trump of God."......The trump of God and now here comes Donald Trump.Trump is not a preacher,he is a sign that we are now in the season of that scripture whereby God will raise the dead saints and the rapture shall take place.To God a season can be three days.three months or even thirty years.In Exodus 3,Moses came before a burning bush.As a sure witness,there have been two presidents by the name Bush in America almost one after the other.In the bush you are far from home meaning foreign policy.George Bush junior was a man of foreign policy.The name George Bush,means he who knows about foreign policy.America's fiscas or economy was declining.the bail out plan was foreign exploits and then came Bush junior.Politics is strange.George Bush was hated in the UK and America but is the most successful forein policy US president like Moses took over or subdued Egypt.The bible is repeating itself in these people.
Taken from the timely e-book US PRESIDENTS THAT APPEAR IN THE BIBLE featured are George Bush Barack Obama,FD Roosevelt,John F Kennedy,Donald Trump etc
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